Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Top 5 iPhone Apps of 2009

Okay, so as I stated at the beginning of my blog... this isn't going to be completely about makeup. Most of the time it will be though. I've had the iPhone since it first came out a couple summers ago - I was one of the crazies that stood in line for hours to get one. I have the 3G in white and love, love, love it! So, on to the good stuff. Here are my top five iPhone applications...

1) Ambiance - $0.99
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Ambiance is an application for those of us who often wish to be somewhere else, or perhaps need some sleep noise. With over 500 exclusive sounds, you can fall asleep or wake to the sounds of Sardinia, a Quaint French Cafe, or the simple sound of rain. But - there are many different forms of rain you can listen to. You can listen to a thunderstorm, rain on a patio, rain on the windows, rain on a tin roof... you get the picture. Faced with many choices, sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect sound. I have about 30 that I have downloaded (all for free), but rotate between 3-4. The application comes complete with a timer, an alarm, and even a mix feature so you can create a playlist of your favorite sounds.

2) Kindle - FREE!
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Okay, so we allll know what the Kindle is... BUT! If you have an iPhone you do not need to spend upwards of $300 on a Kindle when you can purchase the Kindle app on iTunes for free. It boggles the mind - or mine, at least. Read in landscape mode, bookmark, download straight from Amazon to your iPhone... it is amazing and one of my most prized applications that happily rests on the first screen of my phone.

3) Twitterific - FREE for the Original Version; $4.99 for the Premium Version
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I have both version and as of right now, I can't tell a huge difference between them. If someone knows, fill me in, because I'm still new to the whole Twitter shebang. Anyway - I love this application because I can Tweet straight from my iPhone and I can also upload a picture and caption through Twitterific as well instead of having a separate application like TwitPic (which is equally a great app, but why have two when you can have one?) You can follow all of your subscriptions and reply, favorite, mention, retweet... it's amazing and all in your pocket! The only thing that I don't like is that you cannot accept a follow request through the application.

4) Run Pee - $1.99
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One of the most useful applications to date. How many of us girls (or guys) are apprehensive to get that super duper, free refill, dishwasher safe cup at the movie theatre because we know we're going to have to take a potty break and possibly miss the most fantastic part of the movie? Go ahead and raise your hand - there's a lot of us out there! If there wasn't, the brilliant makers of Run Pee wouldn't be rolling in dough right about now. Run Pee lists all the newest movies out in the theatres and tells you when it's safe to go, well, Run Pee and not miss a crucial part of the movie. It gives you a "cue"... a scene, a line, etc. and tells you exactly how long you have to go do your business. There is also a feature that you can click on that will give you a rundown of the scene so if you still want to know what you missed, you can. It also lists if there are any additional scenes at the end of the credits.

5) AOL Radio - FREE
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My want to belong to part of the Sirius/XM snobs ended the day I downloaded AOL Radio. Like Sirius/XM, AOL Radio offers hundred of channels broken down into genres. If you like the classic Sinatra music, Motown, the Elvis Presley channel, Christmas music, Talk Radio... They've got it! It doesn't possess everything Sirius/XM has to offer, but it's darn near close! Not only can you listen to the variety of programmed channels, you can hone in on channels throughout the country. For example, while I'm sitting on home getting ready in the morning, I can turn on my AOL Radio and listen to the John Tesh Radio Show right out of Palm Springs, CA. I can finally listen to Delilah while I'm going to sleep! What's also wonderful about this is you can plug it up to your car the same way you would listen to the music from your iPhone. It only works on 3G or WiFi, so if you're in a non 3G driving zone, you may experience some problems but all in all this is an application very much worthy of your download.