Saturday, December 12, 2009

Review and What's in Your Bag

I gave in to the disease that is What's in Your Purse/Bag video on YouTube. Really I find things like this fun so I was excited to do it! Usually my purse is overflowing with junk I've accumulated but I recently switched bags. Any Coach fans out there? I'm a big one. I have about four, which is small compared to some people I know, but I'm thinking about selling one or two and buying some leather ones instead of the signature print. You see Coach/Goach (knockoffs) everywhere and it's kind of boring to see your purse on ten different women's arms in the span of thirty minutes. Right now I'm using the Large Zoe in Platinum/Khaki. It was a $300 dollar bag I got for $18 because I originally owned a Carly, but it started to fray. I was given store credit, plus I had a PCE card that week so that was a great deal. I have to say my favorite Coach purse I have those is the Ergo Pleated Metallic Leather purse in Platinum. I can't even find any pictures of it on the internet to show you, but it is gorgeous. It's a $400+ bag that I was able to snap at a Cabazon Outlet in Palm Springs last year for half the price. Amazing deal and a purse that will never go out of style. Hm, well... How did I get on purses? Oh yes, the video! Check it out... Yes, there is an extra s in there because miss was already taken.

Also, check out my review for Too Faced's Tanning Bed in a Tube... my favorite self tanner and a much needed boost to my skin this winter. It's a keeper! :)