Sunday, December 27, 2009

KONAD Special Polish

I just wanted to expand on my mention of the KONAD special polishes I received along with two new plates. As you can probably tell in the holiday mani/pedi pics, the white is solid, opaque, and stands out. When I was using regular polish, it was working, but not half as well as the special polish. The KONAD polish is much, much thicker and probably has some extra chemicals thrown in there to help it adhere better. Anyway - I took a stab at the French manicure plate (m19) again and I actually did a much better job.

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I made a few mishaps and had to take it off and redo, but all you need is a little practice to make it work. I also purchased the KONAD black polish as well, which as I've heard, is a mess to top all messes. I haven't used it on myself, but I did a black cheetah print on my 9 year old cousin and it was MESSY! Not so much messy as in it gets everywhere, but it doesn't come off very easily. It kind of leaves a stain... on your skin... on the image plate holder... on the stamper. So, I had to do some heavy duty scrubbing. Like with the white, there's a significant difference in its performance compared to a regular black polish.

Another thing I noticed was that my regular top coat (Beauty Secrets Hardener) does not smear the white, but it will smear the black. So - when I applied it on the black design, I "tapped" it on instead of swiping it on. But, I've used it with the white snowflakes and the french tip and there was no smearing to be had.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas holiday!


Swtest2Lips on December 27, 2009 at 6:53 PM said...

Wow, that looks so professional! Great job girly! I think I need that plate! What kind of remover do you use? I think if you use a 100% acetone one, it'll remove everything without leaving residue. When I used a non-acetone remover it took me forever to get my polishes off.

Miss Vintage Vogue on December 28, 2009 at 6:00 PM said...

Thanks, Swtest! :) I use non-acetone... I had no idea! The whites and other colors have come off great, but that black was a nightmare! Thanks for letting me know!! =) and hey... you should totally do a tutorial on your new years nails!