Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Lots going on... I actually had to go into Wal-Mart last night and as usual, it was a complete disaster. It hates me as much as I hate it because it NEVER fails something tragic happens - I set off alarms or I almost become roadkill. Hateful place. Anyway! I wore my new outfit I talked about in my recent video to a party and it turned out just as I had hoped... Kind of slinky, yet still pulled together. I didn't get a full length shot during the day that was decent enough to post, so I bring you a half shot haha and not even full on... and, my hand looks weird... I will try to be better!

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I am so loving the Flirt! Cherub lipstick! Something about it... It has the texture of a great lip balm, but gives great coverage. I just feel good when I have it on... I'm wearing it in the picture above, but I'll try to get some better, up close shots.

More KONAD goodies came in the mail this week, too. I got two plates - M59 and M55 which have snowflakes and hearts on one and assorted fruits on the other. I also purchased the white special KONAD polish and the black special KONAD polish. I have to say - it was worth the money. It makes a significant difference in the stamping quality when you use the proper polish. It is a lot thicker than most nail polish not meant for the KONAD system. So, I would highly recommend purchasing those to get the most out of your experience! I suspect the bottles will last a long time though, because you're using such a small amount.

I've already use the snowflakes a couple of times this week... Here is my holiday themed pedi using OPI's Dutch Tulips, KONAD special white polish, and Orly's Tiara glitter

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I've been using my normal top coat, Beauty Secrets Hardener and it has NOT smudged my KONAD design at all. A lot of people have said certain top coats will smear the design, but this one hasn't, so I'm very pleased with that!

My holiday themed mani using Essie's Mint Candy Apple (one of the most beautiful colors ever!), KONAD special white polish, and Sally Hansen's Disco Ball glitter

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I don't have any new goodies coming in for awhile - I'm all tapped out due to holiday shopping, but I'm planning on doing quite a few new videos over the next week so be watching!

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