Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year... to bronze!

So I did a review on my favorite bronzer/self tanner at the moment and that's Too Faced Tanning Bed in a Tube. Now, I have used my fair share of bronzers. I first started self tanning about five or six years ago and I think the first one was Toma's Tan Perfect. Why did I think that looked good?? I remember being so dark I'm sure I looked ridiculous. Then, I started using the tanning beds and I used those for about 4-5 years and finally gave those up recently because I do not want to get skin cancer. I'm fair and I've had some moles removed already and it's just not worth it. I've used Fake-n-Bake and it was all right. I have also used Bare Escentual's Faux Tan and I really like it a lot - I would definitely use it again! Their lotion, Faux Tan Lotion, that helps extend and moisturize the self tan is a great product as well. It has a slight color to it and I like it almost as well as the self tanner itself. I have learned the thing to make a self tan look natural is not not overdue it. Don't get too dark - it doesn't look natural and that when you start seeing all the uneven patches. Stop with a few days worth of color.

Anyway, back to Too Faced. I purchased it off of Sephora when they listed it as one of their special products and read some great reviews over at Makeup Alley. The instant bronzer is pretty dark... a nice, warm, nutty brown which is great if you want some instant color for a special event. However, the next day when you shower a lot of that bronzer is going to come off. This may confuse some people who think that their tan is washing away. It's not - that is just the INSTANT color. The self tanner is a gradual tanner and will take a few applications to see a color that may suit you. I'm on my second application and I will probably apply another two nights before I get a color that I'm satisfied with. However, I'm pretty fair so for us fair gals, it may take us a little longer.

Too Faced also makes a face component to the body lotion. I haven't tried it and I probably won't just because I do break out easily from products and I think this just screams clogged pores. But... I love NARS Laguna bronzer and I'm going to order Casino because I've heard it's an upgrade up from Laguna. Also, Bare Escentuals makes a bronzer - Faux Tan - that works amazingly well, too! They also have a product called body glimmer, which has a hint of shimmer and some tan color to it. This stuff is amazing! I use it all the time on my neck, collarbone, shoulders, chest, etc... it helps even out color and really make your skin look luminous. It can make a mess if you're not careful since it's a powder, but for the most part it's pretty simple to use.

I've uploaded a new video about a couple hair care products I love, so check it out!