Monday, November 30, 2009

First reviews on YouTube

I've completed my first videos for YouTube - One is an introduction and the other is a review of M.A.C Select Sheer Pressed Powder. The introduction is to the Konad Nail Stamping system. I was introduced to Konad through where there are many talented ladies that are doing very, very cool manicures! Manicures or pedicures like this would cost at least $40 if you were to go to a salon - however, now you can do it at home and with professional results! I shopped around to find the best deal and found that had the absolute best deal! Everything was the same price as most other retailers, but she offers FREE shipping on orders over $20, plus honors competitors discount codes! I used the code: nailphile and received 30% off. So, all in all I saved about $20 paying on $22 for (3) image plates ($6.99 each), (1) Two sided stamper and (1) scraper ($6.99), and (1) image disk holder ($3.99) An amazing deal! They also ship within 24 hours, so hopefully I will receive my kit by the end of this week and will put up some tutorials on how to use it!

The second video is a makeup review of the M.A.C powder. Now, I am a religious Bare Escentuals and Nars user. However, Sephora is a good hour drive from me and I needed some pressed powder, so I mosied on over to my local mall and bought the Select Sheer powder in NC5 (their lightest shade.) I was very disappointed. I describe more in my video, but ultimately I will probably never use this product again. I think it's good to branch out and try different products if not to try something different, then to know what works for you and what you like the best.

First post

Hey guys! This is my first post as Miss Vintage Vogue. In my blog, I will be discussing many things including, but not limited to - makeup, hair, manicures, photography, old movies and music, sometimes new movies and music, decorating, and whatever else comes to mind. I have a YouTube account that I have recently started that deals with makeup reviews and tutorials. Visit me at when you get a chance! If you have any special requests for makeup, hair, or nail tutorials please let me know and I will be glad to do one for you! I have long been a fan of makeup and hair products so I am just going to put my love of these things into action and share with others! I am a true fan of classic movies, old time music (Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald), black and white photographs, traveling - If there is anything in particular you would like for me to discuss, just let me know! I look forward to sharing my love of these things with you. God Bless!