Friday, December 18, 2009

Bloggy Blog Blog

It's so late and I really need to be asleep because I'm cranky if I don't get at least eight hours! haha. Anyway - I put a new video up tonight on my little mini haul. I realize I didn't talk about getting the NARS Casino in any of my other posts. I'm really liking it so far, but like I said I've been kind of sick and I haven't really put the effort into really observing the way it looks. Make sense? I haven't cared haha. I did my Metro Chic manicure tonight, so I'll take pics tomorrow and put them up along with the outfit I got, plus I want to show you guys those cute little flats I mentioned in the video! They're made by Coconut...? Never heard of them, but they're one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

About the lipstick... you can get them from or at any Kohls. I'm so bummed they didn't have the Angel color, but I think Cherub is a nice nudey pink and will be fun to wear every now and then. I like that you can put one layer on and it's very sheer, or you can build it up in its opacity.

Anyway - short and sweet is the motto of the day! Night!