Saturday, April 3, 2010

Miss Vintage Vogue Goes Slim - Day 12 - Cheat Day!

Sorry this is late... Long day! I can never, ever do what I did on Thursday again... I got so caught up with busy stuff on Thursday I only got to eat one real meal and I paid for it yesterday. I didn't sleep hardly at all and had severe stomach cramps. It definitely was not intentional, but I will have to make a conscious effort on those crazy days to make sure I get all of my meals in. Anyway, yesterday turned into a Cheat Day. Now, there is a strong possibility tomorrow will be a Cheat Day as well, but I will just have to eat small portions and not over do things. So - here is the breakdown for Day 12, Friday the 2nd.

Breakfast -
1/2 cup of Kashi Go Lean with 1/2 cup Skim Milk - wasn't able to eat it all - around 100 calories

Lunch -
Chicken sandwich on wheat bread with mustard - 140 calories
1 Serving of Goldfish crackers - 150 calories

Dinner -
1 Leanie on a whole wheat bun - 180 calories

Then, my boyfriend surprised me! I had to work all day, so he brought his little grill and some steaks! How sweet was that. I was just at the shop in case we needed extra help, so I was able to go outside and eat - it was really sweet. I ate a nice sized one, but it was pretty lean. The only thing on it was a seasoning. So - I'm not really sure of the calorie count, but I hope it wasn't too bad.

The next thing we did was bad though, haha... We got some ice cream and that probably totaled to somewhere between 300-400 calories. But, today I am back on the wagon, so to speak :) I'll have today's update up later!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Saturday!