Thursday, April 1, 2010

Miss Vintage Vogue Goes Slim - Day 11

FAIL! haha... today was worse than yesterday, in terms of eating anyway. I got my highlights this morning, which I am loving and will post a picture of soon! Also, I got my car checked out from where I knocked the foglight out and they said it wasn't as bad as I thought. The whole component + labor is only going to be $200. That's still a lot of money, but with the kind of car I have, that's one of the cheaper fixes. -sigh- Anyway! I think I found THE perfect hot pink for summer! It's Nina's Nails Punkie Pink. Unfortunately, my friend saw it before me and it was the last bottle. haha. I'll have to go back next week and hopefully the store will have more =) Can't wait to use it!

On to the eating... Well, I only made it to two meals today. I completely forgot to eat before six and it was 7:30pm before I realized my mistake. I'm doing fine though, just craving some pizza reeeeeeally bad. So... here's the breakdown...

Breakfast -
1/2 cup of Kashi cereal with some skim milk - around 150 calories

Lunch -
I ordered a hibachi chicken lunch... it was a small serving of hibachi chicken, fried rice, grilled veggies, a clear mushroom soup, and a side salad with dressing. I'm unsure of the calories on this, but other than the rice and dressing I think it wasn't too bad.

Aaand... that was it! haha. I will be better tomorrow, hopefully!